Imaginary Girl

David Lynch recording Imaginary Girl

Asa-Chang & Junray

This is really beautiful. Also amazing. 

Erik Van Der Weijde

This Is Not My Son, 2008. Website. Blog

Gabriel Orozco

Coins in Window, 1994

From Roof to Roof, 1993

Island Within an Island, 1993

Cat Power

Metal Heart Live 1998

Giasco Bertoli Part 2

Giasco Bertoli

New Favourite. Website.

Great Shorts

Looking forward to short weather. The Sartorialist. 

Sarah Sze

Visit her website. Buy her book


The current Purple Journal features Takashi Homma. It can finally be found for a reasonable price at Brunswick Street Bookstore. 
It is a shame they have not translated the French texts. Bruce Benderson must be annoyed.

Constant Anee

Three perfect photographs. Portfolio.


Seasick, Yet Still Docked