Juergen & Kate

I found a cabinet sized box labeled ‘Theater of Love’. I opened it to find about 150 prints. It’s from around ‘65. Back then I used to click away with my Olympus Pen F, making these patchy prints using thermal development on purpose; the woman, the era, and the place are all photographed there, it’s all expressed. So, I used to say ‘Theater of Love’ back then, eh. Well, anyway, it’s good, huh, they are good photos. This sort of thing isn’t going to happen on digital.

Nobuyoshi Araki, December 2010

Harmony Korine for Urban Outfitters.

Venetia fix. Via.
Margaret Howell. Alasdair McLellan. Dree Hemingway.

Elein Fleiss. Via.
Herbert List
Anton Bruehl. Swimsuit advertisement, 1951.